ECU Remap/ROM/Map file editors

This editor can open MEMS 1.6, 2J, and 3 ECU files
For known files a list of valid maps are shown
If the file is not known then it will still try to load it and programmatically find potential maps
If you have a new file that is not know then please send it to me and I will find the correct maps and add support
File editor and OBD/diagnostic cable remapping

For either my external USB programmer or the USB programable ECUs please use this:
USB programmer or USB ECU remapping

MEMS 2J Remapping

Here is a short video of the live remapping software for the 2J ECUs
It shows the initial data download from the ECU then looking through a few tables.
You can see the active cell highlighting which allows you to see which table cell the ECU is currently using

I am able to modify 2J ECUs to allow them to be remapped using one of the following methods

ECU modification - OBD/diagnostic cable programmable
The modification includes: an expansion board fitted inside the ECU, a new rewritable chip, a brand new laser cut aluminium ECU lid, and a diagnostic cable.
This allows ECU map updates to be carried out via the diagnostic cable, the ECU does not need to be opened again.
Map updates can be done "live" with the engine running, the active table cell is highlighted to help with steady state/rolling road tuning.
This is being offered at £300 which includes ECU modification, cable, and insured return postage within the UK.

ECU modification - Chip swap
I can also offer a less impressive modification which involves installing a rewritable chip into the ECU and providing a chip programmer box.
This method means you need to open the ECU and remove the chip each time you want to make an update or map change.
This is being offered at £200

Further information
As part of my work on these ECUs, I have a repeatable method of finding the "tables" or "maps", this is normally a time consuming or expensive process involving having to buy a "map pack".
I have built an editor for the ECU files/maps, linked above.
Some tables are still unknown but the important ones such as fuel and timing have been found, others include idle speed setting, rev limit.

During the modification process I will take a backup of the stock ECU data using a combination of BDM and also an external programmer with the correct clip.
This ensures that when you receive your ECU back, it will function exactly the same as it originally did, and you will always have the original backup files if you would like to return it to a stock state.

At the moment I am not planning to offer any specific "tuned" or "stage 1" calibrations, I am simply giving you the ability to either tune the ECU yourself or have someone qualified do it if not.

I suggest owners of cars with modified engines should purchase a wideband lambda sensor and controller in order to more accurately monitor the air-fuel ratio of the engine.
Most of these kits provide an "emulated" narrowband output wire which can be wired into the stock ECU (if it needs a narrowband signal). This allows the stock ECU to run normally but while providing you with a much more accurate reading of the AFR.

Street tuning
Using a diagnostic cable you can connect and "log" a journey in the car to see what state the fuelling is in.
As above, this will be much more accurate if using a wideband lambda controller, a narrowband lambda is not accurate enough to tune from.
This can be useful to correct major fuelling issues without having to pay for a rolling road or tuner, but will never be the same as having it properly tuned on a dyno.


2J ECU with new cover and weatherproof USB connector


Modified 2J ECU with internal programmer


Mini MPI Stock Fuel Table


Mini MPI Stock Ignition Map


External ROM Chip Programmer

MEMS 1.6 Remapping

I am currently working on a very positive looking solution to remapping the MEMS 1.6 ECU
Expect some progress or completion of this work this year hopefully (2021)
Current progress is that some of these ECUs are easy to remap - those in the Rover Coupe and 820 Turbo cars
Most versions of this ECU are completely missing a very important chip which is no longer available
I will try to make some sort of expansion board for the ECUs so that a rewritable chip can be installed

MEMS 3 Remapping

Remapping the MEMS 3 ECUs is possible without modification
Andrew Revill has done an awful lot of work already for these ECUs, you can find his website page about MEMS 3 mapping here:

Contact: email me
Disclaimer: This website is not associated with Rover in any way. This exists because there is no support for these older cars/ECUs

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