ECU Remap/ROM/Map file editors

File and OBD cable remapping

The editor can open files from all MEMS ECU versions
For known ECU files a list of valid maps are shown
If the file is not known then it will still try to load it and automatically find potential maps
If you have a new file that is not know then please send it to me and I will find the correct maps and add support

ECU Remapping general info

As part of my work on these ECUs, I have a repeatable method of finding the "tables" or "maps", this is normally a time consuming or expensive process involving having to buy a "map pack".
I have built an editor for the ECU files/maps, linked above.
Some tables are still unknown but the important ones such as fuel and timing have been found, others include idle speed setting, rev limit.

At the moment I am not planning to offer any specific "tuned" or "stage 1" calibrations, I am simply giving you the ability to either tune the ECU yourself or have someone qualified do it if not.

I suggest owners of cars with modified engines should purchase a wideband lambda sensor and controller in order to more accurately monitor the air-fuel ratio of the engine.
Most of these kits provide an "emulated" narrowband output wire which can be wired into the stock ECU (if it needs a narrowband signal). This allows the stock ECU to run normally but while providing you with a much more accurate reading of the AFR.
Otherwise you could have an additional Lambda sensor bung welded into your exhaust manifold and use a wideband sensor/controller as well as the factory narrowband sensor.

Street tuning
Using a diagnostic cable you can connect and "log" a journey in the car to see what state the fuelling is in.
As above, this will be much more accurate if using a wideband lambda controller, a narrowband lambda is not accurate enough to tune from.
This can be useful to correct major fuelling issues without having to pay for a rolling road or tuner, but will never be the same as having it properly tuned on a dyno.

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