PC/Laptop/Apple Mac:
The applications work with Rover MEMS 1.3/1.6/1.9/2J/3 ECUs with live data, data logging, and fault code clearing.
PC Applications

Android Phone/Tablet:
Please try my app, it works with MEMS version 1.3, 1.6 and 1.9 ECUs, there is a test version out for 2J ECUs (ask me), and support for MEMS 3 ECUs is coming soon
It is completely free and always will be
Go to Android app in the Google Play store

Apple iPhone/iPad:
These are not supported at the moment.
The only way I can see this working in future is using bluetooth or wifi from the phone/tablet in order to connect to the car side cable/device.
This in turn means using some sort of battery pack for older cars which do not have a power line to their diagnostic port.
Another options is to use something like a Raspberry Pi (again with a battery pack) and then connect to that via WiFi.


3 pin Rover MEMS cable

These are to suit all cars with this 3-pin style connector in the engine bay.
The connectors are pale white/cream coloured and usually tucked away near the clutch master cylinder on RHD cars.
Some MPI/newer cars still have these connectors so it is worth checking.
If the car has a newer style 16 pin connector but ALSO has the 3 pin connector then you should use the 3 pin connector.

I normally sell these via eBay - eBay listing

16 pin Rover MEMS cable
16 pin "OBD/OBDII/OBD2" style ECU and RC5 Airbag DIAGNOSTIC cable

These are to suit cars which have this new style connector but DONT have the 3-pin connector in the engine bay.
These cables will also work with RC5 airbag/SRS modules on pin 13 on the car's OBD connector - Mini MPI and JDM

I normally sell these via eBay - eBay listing

Technical info

Are you a programmer? For more in-depth technical info look here

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Disclaimer: This website is not associated with Rover in any way. This exists because there is no support for these older cars/ECUs