MEMS ROM editor

Please read before using!

Use an updated version of the Google Chrome browser for this application

I would recommend not writing to an ECU until you have a confirmed good backup copy of the data.
If I have done the ECU modification for you then I will have sent this file to you.
It is a good idea to save separate copies (versions) of your tune to the computer as you make changes, then if you every want to go back to a previous version it will be easy to roll back. You could name them starting with a version number that increases for example.

If your file won't load or you have some other problem then send me a copy of your file and an explanation of the problem -
There are definitions for some specific ECUs at the moment so for any others I will need to add the definitions which doesn't take long, just send me your bin file over

Once you have loaded a file, you can edit the tables/maps, save buttons will appear in the top right of the screen.
The 3D graphs do not update until you reload a file, so save and re-load if you want to see the new graph, they will automatically update in a future update.

It appears that the 2J ECUs still run without having to correct the checksum.
The only time the ROM checksum is actually run/checked is when instructed to do so over diagnostics.
I have added a button which appears in the top right which can correct the file checksum after you make changes

Log output

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Load local file:

Load using MEMS 2J programmer