Please see the sections below, I can provide diagnostic applications and cables for the MEMS 3 ECU

Diagnostic application - Windows/Mac/Linux

The most up to date application is here for Windows/Linux
Web/agent application

This is also a web based application that works in Windows/Max/Linux computers or laptops
Web application

If you need a Windows driver for a 16-pin FTDI based cable then you can download it here:
FTDI driver


Remapping the MEMS 3 ECUs is possible without modification
Andrew Revill has done an awful lot of work already for these ECUs, you can find his website page about MEMS 3 mapping here which includes all applications needed to start remapping:

General link to the his main website:

There is an online editor for ECU maps here: ROM Editor

Technical information - diagnostic communication

In case you are a programmer or would like more info about communication with the ECUs for diagnostics, here it is

No wake up needed for 9600 baud
Optional 10400 baud
Connect at 9600 Baud rate, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, EVEN parity
K-line communication over a single wire
You literally get your own transmissions as echos on K-line

Always start data packets with header 0xB8, 0x13, 0xF7 (format, destination, source)
Reply packets will always start with header 0x13, 0xB8, 0xF7 (format, destination, source)
After the header, add a length byte (data length only), followed by the data, followed by a XOR checksum
The checksum is a XOR of all bytes apart from the checksum byte itself, cropped to 1 byte (AND it with 0xFF)
ECU response checksums are sometimes AND, sometimes XOR

See ISO 14229-1/ISO 14230-3 (KWP)
Seed/key auth
Ask for seed - send 0x27, 0x01
ECU should reply with 0x67, 0x01, [seed byte 1], [seed byte 2]
Compute the key to reply
Send the key - 0x27, 0x02, [key byte 1], [key byte 2]
ECU should accept if correct - 0x67, 0x02

A 0x7F response is a failure

After that it is just KWP-2000

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