Please see the sections below for the MEMS 1.9 ECU

Diagnostic application - Windows/Mac/Linux

The most up to date application is here for Windows/Linux
Web/agent application

This is a web based application that works in Windows/Max/Linux computers or laptops
Web application

If you need a Windows driver for a 16-pin FTDI based cable then you can download it here:
FTDI driver


These ECUs are similar to the 1.6 ECUs but need more work before remaps would be possible.

Even so, I can download the original data from these ECUs,
There is an online editor for ECU maps here: ROM Editor

Technical information - diagnostic communication

In case you are a programmer or would like more info about communication with the ECUs for diagnostics, here it is

ISO 9141 5-baud wake up with ECU address 0x16, then invert second byte in ECU reply
Connect at 9600 Baud rate, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, NO parity
K-line communication over a single wire
You literally get your own transmissions as echos on K-line

Send single bytes (commands) at a time, ECU echos your command back to you, and will respond with more data if it is an acceptable command

Send byte 0x16 at 5 baud rate, then swap back to 9600 baud rate treat it like a 1.3/1.6 ECU including doing the 1.3/1.6 init sequence
Most serial cables won't do 5 baud rate so you can use breaks to do this, only some cables allow breaks to be used in this way
5V TTL level must be used or the ECU will not respond

No auth beyond the init sequence

Shared data packet format with 1.2/1.3/1.6/1.9 ECUs, see The technical page

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