Please see the sections below for the MEMS 1.6 ECU

Diagnostic application - Windows/Mac/Linux

The most up to date application is here for Windows/Linux
Web/agent application

This is a web based application that works in Windows/Max/Linux computers or laptops
Web application

Diagnostic application - Android phone and tablet

The Android app works with MEMS 1.6 ECUs while using an appropriate cable.
The cables are full size USB so you will likely need to buy an "OTG" adaptor that fits between your device and the USB cable.
Android app in the Google Play store


Remapping these is difficult due to hardware restrictions.

Even so, I can download the original data from these ECUs,
There is an online editor for ECU maps here: ROM Editor

Technical information - diagnostic communication

In case you are a programmer or would like more info about communication with the ECUs for diagnostics, here it is

Connect at 9600 Baud rate, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, NO parity
"Normal" serial communication - ECU has a TX and RX pin, plus a signal ground

Shared data packet format with 1.2/1.3/1.6/1.9 ECUs, see The technical page

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