5AS immobiliser web application

TODO: commands to go in here and in tech explanation
60/70 writes 0/1 to eeprom at 0x3F
61/71 does something
63/73 does something
f4 - auth?
f6 logout/disconnect
TODO: only write to eeprom where needed
TODO: add disconnect button for diag
TODO: stream ram reads and highlight changes? takes approx 6 seconds for full read
TODO: sometimes get random data on powerup, and that gets read after wake-up

eeprom A5 is reply for 0x1C wake up

EEPROM editing - allows you to change settings

TODO: load/save from/to file

Bonnet switch grounded when
EKA code
Hazards Flash With Alarm
Immobiliser Code for ECU
Key Fob 1 Code
Key Fob 2 Code
Key Fob 3 Code
Key Fob 4 Code
LED Pattern Armed (8 binary digits 1/0, default 11111111)
LED Pattern Disarmed (8 binary digits 1/0, default 00000000)
Low Battery Flash LED On Unlock
Low Battery Require Double Press Unlock
Number of Key Fobs
Passive Immobiliser Arming
Passive Arm Timer - Ignition cycled and Door opened
Passive Arm Timer - Ignition cycled Only
Passive Arm Timer - No Ignition cycle
Serial Number
Serial Number Repeat (this one is sent over diagnostics)
Week Of Manufacture
Year Of Manufacture
  Raw hex data:

Diagnostics - for checking switches/status/functions

Show/hide test functions
Show/hide procedure functions
Last updated

Read RAM - not very useful

Raw hex data:

Raw ASCII data:

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