5AS Immobiliser
I have only worked with the 5as immobiliser so far, if there is demand I could look at the other types of immobilisers
I can offer tools and services to pair key fobs to immobilisers, and pair immobilisers to ECUs, please see the sections below

I can also assist with disabling the immobilisers where needed for legitimate purposes

ECU pairing

I can pair 5AS immobilisers to the Rover MEMS 2J ECUs if needed - as a postal service only
You would need to post the ECU, immobiliser, and at least one key fob to me in order to sync them and test it working
If key fobs need syncing to the immobiliser then send all of the key fobs as they all need to be done at the same time
email me if you want to arrange this

Key fob pairing

I can help pair 5AS immobilisers with multiple key fobs

16-pin 5as key fob sync tool
16-pin 5AS immobiliser key fob sync tool

This tool will sync/lock itself to your immobiliser on first use.
You cannot use it on multiple cars, but you can use it repeatedly on the same car.

I am able to sell "unlocked" versions of these to car repair garages or automotive locksmiths where there is a genuine need to use on multiple cars, please email me about this if needed

These are to suit all cars with the 5AS immobiliser wired to a 16-pin OBD style diagnostic port.
The MPI Minis have this type of wiring, if you are not sure about another car then send me the correct wiring diagram for your car and I have have a look for you and check.
For cars with a round, 3-pin, green connector for the immobiliser (SPI Mini and others), please get in touch since I need to establish the correct wiring for that type of connector, so that I can offer a tool for those

I am now selling these directly from the website.
Order now, secure payment taken via
I post using Royal Mail with tracking, I will send you the tracking link once the postage has been arranged.

5as key fob sync postal service
5as key fob sync postal service

Once you have paid you will need to post your 5as immobiliser and fobs to me, either get in touch with me or I will contact you to sort address information and double check the order
I can use insured postage for the return but I cannot accept responsibility if parts are lost in the post either on the way to me or on return

Order now, secure payment taken via

Contact: email me
Disclaimer: This website is not associated with Rover in any way. This exists because there is no support for these older cars/ECUs

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